Who Let the Outsider In?

Who Let the Outsider In?

I didn't get in line with the sheep, for I put my pants on like all the rest.

It at first went unnoticed then as the word spread it became an annoyance.

I did not concern myself with those that didn't pay my bills or share my bed, and was secure

enough in my own ego I didn't see the need to stroke theirs.

Writing is not a social act it's a lone wolf’s existence.

The page and empty hours spent working are what should matter.

Not the act of hearing yourself speak to a near empty room.

I walked upon my own road and broke ground busting my ass.

I drink it’s not a crime, and I believe before you go looking for flaws

it's best to tend your own yard before bitching about mine.

I ran into a few so-called big names on occasion.

I was unimpressed before and my opinion of them largely has not changed now.

I don't want to take your kool aid or share your microphone

so rest easy your spot is safe around me.

I don't want in the circle so I will keep penning my words until I lay peaceful in that grave.

The in crowd is far more cold than my outsiders stance.

Knock, Knock.

I will never be there.

John Patrick Robbins 

Is the Editor-in-chief of the Rye Whiskey Review, Under The Bleachers, Drinkers Only and Midnight Magazine. His work has been published here at Ariel Chart, The San Pedro River Review, Oddball Magazine, The San Antonio Review, The Blue Nib, Punk Noir Magazine, Piker Press and Crossroads Magazine. His poem Neptune has been nominated for the Pushcart by Ariel Chart. He is also the author of Once Upon A Nervous Breakdown released by Soma Publishing. https://www.somapublishing.com

His work is always unfiltered. 

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  1. True writers are outsiders. It is the only vantage point to observe the world. You cannot see the world and the mirror at the same thing.