Aapstrak' Quadrilogy

Aapstrak' Quadrilogy


Gnilegnoj- Part One


They call me Gnilegnoj –

I’m aware my features disturb

you just cannot help yourself,

With breath gasping

hands frantically clasping

your whole being not grasping.


Your heart instantaneously a

wreckage battling to absorb the

message – Questioning my

metamorphoses – Was I constructed

by dark forces?


My UFO eyes leaving you mesmerized,

Your thoughts a galactic black hole

clashing with your brainwashing –

You mock and chastise me

my traumatic existence not free

my uniqueness not celebrated –

My kind universally

heinously hated.


My forefathers a vicious circle,

My ruby fiery blue blood flow

gushing onto my biological glow –

So, there you are –


Here I am –

Their clown confiscated,

My kind intrusively stared at

like a monstrous pre - historic

carnivorous cat –

If you could only take the leap

momentarily locking

your prejudice streak –

You might look at me and see

your blinding reflection,

Wouldn’t you agree?


I am you –

They call me




Egnis Ednarg - Part Two


As I retreat from yet

another mayhem mission

I fail to purify my veiled vision,

My position dictated

by royal commission,

I yearn for a renewed identity –

Who is this murderous

malevolent entity?


My pulsating heart no more

a sacred sanctuary – I am

all-seeing all-knowing,

Oh, the curse of an anointed king

enforcing the reviled royal sting!

My stained ancient face splattered

with the spoils and coils

of senseless savage wars

not even I remember the cause –

Sheepishly abiding to our extinct

defunct, porous laws with its

obvious catastrophic flaws.


My mission a clever ruse

showered in ruby rouge

if only to aimlessly amuse,

My intransigence

no coincidence –

I do what must be done

for us to thrive

stay alive,

Furiously battling to survive –

As I gaze over

the cancerous carnage

I am overcome by echoing emotion

amidst the confused commotion,

Lamenting our rumination and ruination,

Clinging to a false legacy

overshadowed by a tainted

tribal ecstasy.


I am known as Egnis Ednarg –

I have served my time,

Lying here bleeding multi-coloured

blood – Our ephemeral state

not truly sublime…





Volcon- Part Three


My fiery baptized name is Volcon –

I have beady piercing fire-rock

eyes like a falcon,

My spiral temper burns and

erupts like a gurgling volcano –

If you dare to look at me

adjust your gawping gaze

or I might blind you at this stage.


My title was sparked by

the royal Egnis Ednarg,

What he does not suspect

is my steaming hatred

with immediate effect –

His heir is rumoured to

be announced for sure,

He is known to me and you

as that disgusting freak of nature


I dare not share my murderous thoughts

or even divulge a slight hint

what do you think?


The elders often meet in secret

sharing vicious tales

and prophesies most sacred –

Igniting my swirling atomic anger

confirming my secret bloodline

and crowning divine

as rightful future defender.


My dead-stare pearly midnight eyes

witness things you dare not believe,

Am I entitled to take?

what is rightfully mine

disturb the current order sublime?

You will most probably never understand

my inner turmoil and heritage grand –

It drowns me in a bottomless hole

tears me apart – My heart dark charcoal,

Venomous rumours puncture my

loyalty – The time has come to

annihilate false royalty!


No time for regret the trap set

left with no choice

my challenging flag to hoist,

My jealousy no confusion

it feeds my chosen mission –

I dare not falter now

my crown awaits.


Are you with me

to witness unimaginable

agonizing anarchy?





Gnilredou- Part Four


At first glance

you might think I'm

in a geriatric trance

or perhaps my war-torn physique

dilutes my proud nation's mystique –

I share a bloodline regal and rare,

Powerful warriors born from my lair.


I am Ouderling

fondly known as Gnilredou –

Great-grandfather to

the royal heir Gnilegnoj,

His brittle life in

imminent mortal danger

disturbingly not from

a foreign stranger –

My physical state

might just dictate

my ultimate foretold fate

although history dictates

it will suffer from

jealous related hate.


The elders have secretly gathered

to speak of an unknown dangerous heir

I supposedly fathered,

Known amongst us as the devious one

none other than that opportunist Volcon!

In hindsight, I now regret sending my

grandchild to war – He failed miserably

to settle that ancient score,

His defeat pitifully punctured

my tired heart,

I do not mourn the slain king –

Egnis Ednarg.


Our legacy will echo eternal

our leadership to remain

purely paternal –


If you dare to look more closely

you might even possibly see

the omnipresent face of my ancestor,

Valiant true defender

proud protector –


The enigmatic and heroic

Don Beukes
Don Beukes is the author of 'The Salamander Chronicles', his debut poetry collection published by Creative Talents Unleashed. Originally from Cape Town South Africa, he is a retired teacher of English and Geography and taught in both South Africa and the UK. His poetry deals with issues affecting the global village and he is passionate about speaking out against racism, homophobia, sexism and intolerance. He has collaborated with artists from South Africa, the UK and America as part of his Ekphrastic poetry collection and his poems have been anthologized in various publications. His poetry has also been translated into Afrikaans, Farsi and Albanian.
His debut collection is available here http://www.ctupublishinggroup.com/don-beukes-.html

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  1. Thank you to the editorial team for finding another home for my Quadrilogy saga! Look out for the prequel, revealing more in this epic tale!