Note to a Fartist Fraud

 Note to a Fartist Fraud


You sent me your books in some childish attempt to impress me.

Like some jilted lover who shows up at the bar with some transitional boyfriend in hand.

I wasn't impressed then by your words and I am far from impressed now.

Your dummy press run by some assholes in need of cash from another press are the ones I hold my sympathy for.

I hold no respect for neither of you.

 But I was grateful for one thing.

I had just run out of toilet paper and now had something to wipe my ass with.

Although the quality truly was below my standards. 

Nice try jackass! Better luck in your next life.uck in your next life

John Patrick Robbins

John Patrick Robbins: Is the editor in chief of the Rye Whiskey Review, Under the Bleachers, Drinkers Only and The Black Shamrock Magazine. His work has been published by. Ariel Chart, Punk Noir Magazine, Piker Press, Blognostics, Red Fez , The San Antonio Review , The San Pedro River Review, The Blue Nib. He is also the author of Sex, Drugs & Poetry by Whiskey City Press And Once Upon A Nervous Breakdown from Soma Publishing.

***Many thanks to the Crossroads Magazine for the generous permission for a reprint.

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  1. You strike a blow for those wanting to be authentic in a plastic society. Woe to the fakers with dime store cowboys hats and poor Crayola art. The Real outdoes the rude everytime.