Reflections on the Centennial of Charles Bukowski (Part 3)

Reflections on the Centennial of Charles Bukowski  (Part 3)

who you are

always swim against the tide

in a compliant sea of puking conformity

drink beer with peanut butter sandwiches

and avoid long-term commitment

or responsibility

you’ve nothing to lose —

except your voice


and, in general,

the bunghole of


so know your limitations,

and what all your betrayed lovers know —

you just mind find out

who you are.

Michael C. Seeger

Michael lives with his lovely wife, Catherine, and still-precocious 16 year-old daughter, Jenetta, in a house with a magnificent Maine Coon (Jill) and two high-spirited Chihuahuas (Coco and Blue). He is an educator (like his wife) residing in the Coachella Valley near Palm Springs, California. Some of his poems have appeared recently either published or included in print anthologies like the Lummox Press, Better Than Starbucks, and The Literary Hatchet.


  1. I recall Bukowski as a bum with talent. I'll give him a second chance.

  2. The guy was an artist and none of us should really care about his personal life. In a free society you can destroy yourself.

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