The lyric repeats on me,

in the Ghazal there is

mystery and

the lyric repeats on me

and repeats on me


more mystery,

in the South

a Mafeking calamity making

more history and still there's 

the mystery

of the Ghazal.



I'm a sixty-one-year-old recently married man living in Stratford London, I work in the House of St Barnabas for a catering company serving the needs of a private members club, although most of my poetry is autobiographical to some extent, some is pure fantasy., this is how I relate today, tomorrow it may be different, but I think I will always write and like most poets, it is nice to be recognized for good pieces but not the be all and end all for me. I use poetry as escape route too which takes me into some weird and wonderful places, teachers at school who seldom saw me might be surprised at some of my work today, they might be surprised I'm still kicking and very much alive, I know I am especially after 40 years of heavy drug abuse, I have been clean now for six years and feel much better. I have also read on BBC Radio, Barts radio, the London Fringe, performed at the Edinburgh fringe and upcoming is Soho Radio and a social event for the fashion industry., life is good but the wages are poor, don't think I'd want it any other way, my website is linesofjohn.com of the 6000 pieces I have written in the last six years are on hellopoetry.com


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