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Editor Afterword

Writing has always been about freedom. And there is nothing more free than starting up your own journal and inviting wonderful writers from around the world to share in your vision. I'm always respectful but never shy about my opinion. I've asked some of you to edit, change a word or two and even rewrite a title. As a writer of 36 plus years and associate editor three times removed I feel I have a good handle of what is strong work. Few editors out there will engage you other than sending a soulless form letter. Let's learn from each other, get our work out there and actually have some fun doing it. 

Jan 2023 -- We have added a few more countries submitting as well as growing in nearly 700,000 downloads. 

May 2022  We have exceeded 600,000 reads and continue to grow and nurture the artistic community. Thank all involved.

Mark Antony Rossi, Editor in Chief

 Jana Begovic, Senior Editor

 Paul Seward, Contributing Editor, Layout Asst.

Sy Albright, Webmaster, Layout Asst.

Big Thanks: Murray Turner from Australia for creating the first version of this site. And Sy Albright, (Israel) long time intern and overall webmaster. Thanks, Paul Seward (France) for the posting assistance.


  1. LOVE the new layout! Kudos to all involved and thank you for your efforts.

  2. Welcome the new staff. I expect that much more quality and content.

  3. I wish to thank you so much for the artwork your staff created for my three poems, written under Elizabeth Sams June 1st, and for publishing them in this fabulous magazine. It looks great and I am humbled!

  4. I'm curious why your bylines say Ariel Staff? Why not the author's name?

    1. the foundation of the site is built on upon an old blogger platform so it shows who posted the link. I changed it from the various editors because that was more confusing. Once opened and read the name of the author and their bio are at the bottom. MAR

  5. It's exciting to come across editors willing to impart their vast knowledge of what is strong writing. Even when I've paid for critique services, the criticism was non-specific, i.e., 'tighten this, fix some grammar," without pointing out examples of what they mean. So thanks. Allison