Rio From Above

Rio From Above


I am looking from the highest point of my city,

Gosh, how beautiful it is, thank you for that.

Even though I cannot take a look around,

I’m not sure that is what I should be complaining about.


Every day people come and visit me,

From America, Asia, from all over the world.

A 40-degree Celsius sun shines welcoming them,

They know this is what I have to offer them.


At my feet, there are many kids running around,

They must be pretending to be in a playground.

Their parents are with open arms in front of me,

I’m not sure if they are happy or mocking at me.


From up here my city is so beautiful,

Many beaches, mountains, and buildings.

What is hidden behind my back?

Are there more beauties, any shadows of black?


Today is another sunny day,

Nothing has changed since yesterday.

Someone moved something in my head,

Although I’m still looking ahead.


I don’t intend to tell you who I am,

Due to I do not know if I can.

If you know me, you will never need to ask,

On the contrary, one day you’ll solve the task.



Fabrício Sena
A student of language and Literature in Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil. He describes himself as a curious about creative writing, and as a reading lover. So far, he speaks English as a foreign language, but he intends to expand his list because he is such a talkative guy.

Fabrício has never lived abroad. However, he dreams of traveling around the world acquiring knowledge and meeting people.


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