A Loving Hand

A Loving Hand


Johnathon Miller was your average teenager. He got good grades but didn't stand out. He could blend in with any crowd. There was just one little secret about him that nobody knew because he didn't have any friends and no one really noticed him.

Johnathon was homeless and he didn't have any parents. He became good at forging a signature when needed and when parent teacher meetings came about, he had his teachers convinced that his parents traveled a lot for business.

The truth was, his parents died while on a ski trip. He didn't have relatives that wanted to take him in so he had been on his own for a year now. The bank took back the house and Johnathon lived on the streets. 

He would use a park bathroom to get ready for school every day. He just wanted to graduate and make his parents proud.

One day, the captain of the football team noticed Johnathon throwing a ball around.

"Hey I'll go long and you throw it to me man," said Ronnie.

Johnathon threw it straight to him.

"Man, that's some arm! You should try out for the team!"

"Oh uh, I got a lot of things to do after school."

Then he walked away. That was when Ronnie really noticed Johnathon for the first time. His clothes were a little raggedy and his back pack had duct tape on it.

He decided to follow Johnathon. He walked across the street so Johnathon wouldn't notice. He watched Johnathon go into a small homeless camp then sit down beside his tent.

Ronnie walked up to him.

"What are you doing here? Get out of here!"

"Relax man. It's ok. You live out here?"

"Yeah. My parents died."

"I'm real sorry to hear that. I want you to come over to my house."


"Just do it."

So they went to Ronnie's house. It was big and he even had a guest house. Ronnie talked to his parents and they let Johnathon stay with them. Johnathon had never felt more at home and when he graduated, he had two sets of parents there that day.

 Joyce Ann Marie Gage

Joyce Ann Gage started writing since 1992. She is a self-published author from Missouri.
She has overcome many challenges. When she isn't writing, she loves spending time with friends and family.


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