Crossed Signals

Crossed Signals

It was only after Helena was mugged by a Boris Becker lookalike below a billboard for Lufthansa Airlines that she began seeing the signs - a German couple chatting behind her in the queue; the local beer festival to ‘rival Oktoberfest’; BMWs on every road and the special offer on frankfurters in the supermarket. When a bus paused outside her office window advertising a show about Einstein, Helena decided fate was telling her to go to Germany.

When the bus smashed into her as she crossed the road outside Munich Airport, her final thought was, ‘Perhaps I read the signs wrong.’

 M W Brown

M W Brown is a writer of speculative fiction and thrillers but will happily branch out into other areas depending on mood and inspiration. An annoyingly temperamental phone charger inspired the first swoop into sci-fi and produced 'Run'( published in The Collapsar Directive), and a satnav and curious child prompted the writing of 'Portraits in Flesh', a novel-length thriller with a supernatural twist that is currently looking for a home.



  1. Mia, I liked this very much. Thank you. I could never write this short I don't think.

    1. Thank you, so happy you liked it. It is a challenge to fit a story into just 100 words, but fun to do too.

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