Distant Trust

Distant Trust


Every word of yours
With an ink of love
Written on my paper of trust.
It's worthy to my unknown
time writing it,
Curving over dearest trust
To be made you, ever mine.
You say you will be my pen,
and you don't.
There left torn paper between
You and my T-R-U-S-T.

I don't love you to the moon
And back to the infinity beyond forever,
But there with unknown TRUST.
I am not upset to see that,
You do love me not.
But I am upset to him,
My broken heart that don't
believe now.
I know you won't be 'Sorry'
Yet I would forgive you,
My stupid heart that don't
believe now.

You are the greatest flower
In my vase of love.
With a vibrant petal
To my true love being alight on.
And with doting honey
To my trusted love be drunk.
It's know, unknown wind blew
And laid my apart vase in pieces,
From your distant blossom.
To be made you, my PRINCESS, ever...

Lungten Tshewang


Lungten Tshewang is a student of grade XII at Karmaling Higher Secondary School, Samdrup Jongkhar in Bhutan. He began his write up to share his love. He is a learning poet. He published his works on social media such as Facebook groups and pages

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