Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves


Crimson autumn leaves against a black autumn sky.

Mere moments away from where they will fall and soon die.

Fall onto the ground where they will rest and be forgotten.

Or raked into a pile where they will fester - become rotten.

The autumn leaves will stay there, becoming food for the worms.

It’s funny how death is what our mother earth yearns.

One of these days I’d like to fall into a pile of autumn leaves with you.

And God willing, maybe mother earth will yearn for us, too.


Daniel Craig Roche

Several of Daniel Craig Roche's short stories have appeared in print through Tough Lit Magazine and Idea Gems Magazine.  Many more stories, poems, articles and memoirs have been published in several online magazines, spanning from humor, horror and inspirational.  He is currently working on his eighth novel and seeking representation. Daniel Craig Roche lives in New England with his girlfriend, Patty.

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