My Mystic Maiden


My Mystic Maiden

You have worn a magical robe

And a deep luminous tone on your skin.

When I am tempted to kiss your heart shaped lips

I fail to touch

Blood radiates like blinding radium,

I see locks of hair down your neck that tend to bathe cool your stretching chest

I too long for a shower, alas, I 'm swayed

I cry for a straw,

I watch your naval

A pool of love, safe as naval base

When I point my finger

It deepens to a fathomless sea.

I wonder

I shut my eyes

You are incredibly dark and deep sixteen

You are not a body

A spirit

I live and die for it

And you smile back calmly.

Am I hurt or healed?


 Prafulla Sahu

Born in Dhenkanal ,in  Central District of  Odisha on 7. 4.1 958.A post graduate in English from Ravenshaw College. As a part of literary pursuits, an anthology of poetry title ,The Thirst(English) and one One act play collectio in Odiya already published. More than200 poems published in different literary  websites  like  Boloji,Free Poetic Universe,Galaxy of  literary  luminaries etc. At present an active  participant in poetry contests and receiver of many appreciations. Now Working as a central Govt official in India post







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