The Conversation

The Conversation


With a mother's tenderness, I spoke to the child.

“See how I have opened the cage door, you can come out now.”

The child, bewildered, looked at me; a tear in her eye, her lips pulled tight.

“But what if they think I am stupid or bad?”

“Ah, but child, you are smart and loving, you have always been so.”

“Then they will leave me, they always leave me!”

“Oh, but all of us are only here but for a brief time, they never leave “you,” they just leave.”

“Who will love me or comfort me when I am sad?”

“There is always someone to comfort you, but child, you must love yourself, then

others can love you.”

The little one looked around, doubt on her face. She looked at me pleadingly.

“I like it in here, I am safe and I am used to being here, I don't want to go anyplace new.”

“There is nothing wrong with trying something new, because you are strong and wise, you will

be just fine.”

“How will I know which way to go, is there a map, will someone walk with me?”

“That is the beauty of coming out of the cage child; every day you can plan your own

route and every day you can choose someone to walk with you.”

“Well I want you to walk with me then, I'm not ready to go out there alone.”

“My darling child, that is the point. You have never been alone, you have always been a

part of me. Now come out and allow yourself to grow big, you are ready.”

The child looked up at me; still skeptical, but reached out her hand. I took her, lifting her

out of the cage. I hugged her to my breast, kissed her forehead, dried her tears and placing her feet

on the floor. She started to walk away, then turned back, running to me. She hugged my legs. I

unwrapped her arms from my legs, looking into her little face, one last time.

“It is time now. You have been little for too long; now you must go and grow big. I will love

you always. My love will go with you.”

With a little wave, she blew me a kiss; her little legs carrying her away until I could see her

tiny image, no more. Tears rolled down my cheeks, but they were tears of joy. The little child inside

of me was free at last.

All that remained was a grown woman.

Brenda-Lee Ranta



Brenda-Lee Ranta resides in northern Ontario, Canada. She shares her journey with her life partner who is a drummer, lyricist and recently published poet. She is the mother of three children, two step-children and three grand-children. She is employed with her local police service, enjoys writing songs with her partner, singing, reading, doing yoga and meditating, but spends the majority of her free time writing. Inspired by the great poets, she credits song writers and lyricists for her love of the fluidity of words. She has been greatly influenced by the raw, honest poetry and lyrics of the late, Leonard Cohen. A writer for over 51 years of her life, she has two poetry books published with CTU Publishing Group, “Myriad of Perceptions and Allegories – a Thirst for Connection.” Both books attained a five star rating with Reader’s Favorite.  She also has poetry published in three poetry Anthologies by Creative Talents Unleashed. Brenda also enjoys writing short prose stories.   She is presently working on her first novel.


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