Silver Lake, Ocracoke

Silver Lake, Ocracoke


Long fingers of night reach out for

evening, embracing her with soft

velvet arms. Quietude is her

name, she lives for this moment.


Diamonds dance across the surface

of the water. Rhythmic waves lap at

a gray pebbly beach, as the last rays

of sun are swallowed by the horizon.


Anchored boats with white sails,

now merely ghosts against a wine

colored sky. Far off, cries of marsh

bound shorebirds fade with the light.


A space between reality and dream,

filled with enchantment.  The cosmos

sings to romance.  A curtain call for the

moon.  As lovers walk off hand in hand.

Ann Christine Tabaka



Ann Christine Tabaka lives in Delaware, USA.  She is a published poet and artist. She loves gardening and cooking.  Chris lives with her husband and two cats.  Her most recent credits are The Paragon Journal, The Literary Hatchet, The Metaworker, Raven Cage Ezine, RavensPerch, Anapest Journal, Mused, Apricity Magazine, Longshot Island, Indiana Voice Journal, Halcyon Days Magazine, The Society of Classical Poets, and BSU’s Celestial Musings Anthology.




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