Extreme Close-up

 Extreme Close-up

Face down, there is a hole. Gunpowder claims another victim. Awareness fades inward as distant voices implore her to stay. Lightning strikes once, then twice. Gliding on her tips stretched to her superstar, she contemplates the all in all. Arriving ever-clear she remembers. At the crux, there is a mirror.

Ron Guell

Ron Guell is a New Orleans native, retired from the world of work. He recently discovered the challenge of writing short form.  50-word stories are his favorite. The world of writing has brought him a good deal of challenge and enjoyment. Check out his latest published and award-winning flash fiction story at: http://www.shortstoryflashfictionsociety.com/winner-of-flash-fiction-contest-14/


  1. I love the esoteric nature of your story. It's a simple story of death and what might await the deceased. The lightning must be a defibrillator. Right?

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