Southeasten Virginia, Post-Hurricane


Southeastern Virginia, Post-Hurricane


Beaches with crooked spines

curl into a land

of heat and swindles.

In this space, a man prowls the shore

of ages past,

his shoulders sloping

ever so slightly forwards.

Feet soft with age

split open the bell

of a beached jellyfish.

Like the smokestacks

that line the horizon,

they unleash but a soundless puff

of black-

bottled air.
Emily Bartholet
Emily Bartholet is a highly caffeinated student at Dickinson College, where she wishes she could major in everything. When she's not studying, she can usually be found writing under a tree, or, when it rains, curled up in a beloved coffee shop. Her poetry has appeared online and in print, most notably in Third Point Press, Half Mystic, Inklette, and Rat's Ass Review's Love and Ensuing Madness collection.

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