Have you been to
the Protestant cemetery
in Rome

and seen Keats’s cats--
so many cats--

skating on a watery grave,
drinking the writ water

growing stronger?

Gil Hoy

Gil Hoy is an American poet and trial lawyer who lives in Brookline, Massachusetts. He studied poetry at Boston University, through its Evergreen program, where he previously received a BA in Philosophy and Political Science. Hoy started writing poetry about four years ago. Since then, his work has appeared in TheNewVerse.News, Clark Street Review, The Penmen Review, Third Wednesday, Right Hand Pointing/One Sentence Poems, To Hold A Moment Still-Harbinger Asylum’s 2014 Holidays Anthology, The Write Room, Soul Fountain, Eye on Life Magazine, Stepping Stones Magazine, The Potomac, The Montucky Review and elsewhere.

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