Giving Breath to a Page


Giving Breath to a Page  



With goosebumps on my freckled skin

I perch waiting for fire within

Consume the doubts o fire inside

For I cannot move forward

If thou must break me more than once 

I will stand grounded, opened up

A mirror of this changing rage

The prodigal ways over

I'll slowly construct plans and prints

Erect a tower in their midst

With ink and blood, great cities made.

Through words from text forgotten.

For we all have a voice and words

The me, the you, the him, the her

The us, the them, with trees and stems

We etch our own inscription

And drawing off this masterpiece

We offer at the foot of beasts

Spew forth the words I cannot hold

Presented to the masses.

These stories passed from mouth to ear

Has given solace from our fear

Memories for that which draws us near


Cory Decker


Cory Decker lives in Newfoundland, Canada with his wife and two children.  A lover of books and trees, he has been known to write a poem or two


  1. Wow. And that is why I rarely write poetry. Mine pales to mere mist by comparison.

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