The Joining


The Joining


It was that night that I saw you

Not with wide-open, eager eyes

But with a seeking heart--

You relaxed on the floor, breath quiet and steady

 As I cautiously approached,

All dark curly hair, and gentle grin

A calm, yet scorching electricity running underneath your skin

Barely controlled fire coursing through your veins

As I kneel beside, with an understanding smile of my own.

I offer you my hand, steady and determined,

Yet afraid and trembling


Your warm, fleshy palm slowly embraces mine

Warmth and cool sweat intertwine

Caramel and ivory fingers connect, and grasp tight

A jigsaw puzzle, the last piece finally solved


A nod, and my back lowers onto the cool wood floor beside you

Auburn hair cascading like a silken crown atop your head

We turn and look at each other, lips parted slightly

I feel the touch of your skin, savoring its soft feel

As both of our eyes close


My lashes flutter open after a beat, and yours do the same

Time is frozen and fixed--

Our eyes have become as one

Hazel now lives in the depth of your chocolate pupils

A shock of your soul gleams in mine


For that instant, you've become part of me

And part of me has become you;

So hushed and sweet.

All is peace, all is serene

All is as it should be.
Tracy Powers

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