When you think in headlines 

And feel in math

You say the right thing at the right time


You never need a calculator to add up the world around you


Sharply rendering words of wisdom

Is habit

Easy as pressing buttons


But how? 


Up your clever quotient by five 

And you’ll be fine




The words do not add up on paper 

As in real life


Good decisions times nine 

Plus more for good luck

Equals happiness squared




A day late

A dollar short

Letters and numbers line by line


Flip the switch on and off 


The answers do not lie 


Jamie Desena-McFarland


Jamie Desena-McFarland is a freelance writer based in Merritt Island, Florida. She has worked in grant writing, news writing, content writing and writing consulting. Jamie is also addicted to ballet. Find her on LinkedIn @Jamie Desena-McFarland and on Instagram @jamiedreamsofdancing.

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