My fingers taps aggressively against the keyboard

My toes begin losing senses as i stay sitting from minutes turn to hours

I see bright colors through cute pixel animations

Questing and raiding become as important as eating

From hours of playing my laptop burns my skin

While playing, a blast of music is pumped through speakers,

Causing my ears to be as stimulated as my brain

Spending 10$ per week my addiction is growing

I give up friends for this id but without that i would not have gotten this strong

But as my screen is filled with vivid color and pictures

That range from tiny, cute monsters to large scary bosses, i don’t mind

Reliving my childhood giving me a sense of dejavu

Interacting with other players from around the globe

I’m trapped in maplesaga!


Sarah is an extrovert who is a loud and impulsive person. Growing up as the youngest of three, Sarah was sheltered, however as she matured so did her responsibilities. She enjoys long car rides and can spot her at infamous cafes writing, or with friends.

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