Elusive Desires

Elusive Desires



You can touch the sea

but you cannot hold it

You can feel love

but you cannot contain it

You can have freedom

but you cannot own it


It is the way of mankind

to desire the things

that cannot be possessed

to control nature and people alike

craving ultimate power

wanting to play god


In the end we must acknowledge

that we are limited beings

Man cannot rule the universe

he can barely manage his own affairs

We need to take a step back

To look inside and accept things

as they are meant to be



 Ann ChristineTabaka


Ann Christine Tabaka is a nominee for the 2017 Pushcart Prize in Poetry.

She placed Third in Vita Brevis Best Poem Contest both January & February 2018.  She was selected as Poet of the Month for January 2018 and interviewed by Kingdoms in the Wild. She lives in Delaware, USA.  She loves gardening and cooking.  Chris lives with her husband and two cats. Her most recent credits are Page& Spine, West Texas Literary Review, Oddball Magazine, The Paragon Journal, The Literary Hatchet, The Stray Branch, Trigger Fish Critical Review, Foliate Oak Review, Bindweed Magazine, The Metaworker, Raven, RavensPerch, Anapest Journal, Mused, Apricity Magazine, The Write Launch, The Stray Branch, Scryptic Magazine, Ann Arbor Review, The McKinley Review.

*(a complete list of publications is available upon request)













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