I could have caught you as a boy

but never would as a man.

You flit, you flutter, you shine then go dark.


Your dancing and movements so fast

I could only hope but fall

and be lost in a cloud

of your dust.


There are sides of you only I saw

but still so many left so unseen.


What you showed me was enough

to give me pause,

to thrill me,

to entice me,

to stay with me all these years of nights later.


I know you fly best by night,

shine best, too, in the trail

of your own fire.


Fly, then, flutter and flit,

but fit, dear, fit were you find yourself,

and find yourself there well.


Michael Griffith

Michael Griffith began writing poetry to help his mind and spirit stay healthy as his body recovered from a life-changing injury. His poems and non-fiction articles have appeared in many print and online publications and anthologies. He resides and teaches near Princeton, NJ. His first book of poetry is slated for publication later this year.     

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