My Car Mirrors Are Busted

My Car Mirrors Are Busted

I am awesome.

Someone drove by and knocked out my mirror and the mechanic says my car is so old, replacing it will cost nearly as much as the car itself.

I got a piece of mirror glass on eBay and stuck it on evenly, but it still doesn’t stay tilted right and even when I adjust it, it lasts for about five minutes and slides back down so I can’t see behind me again.

Somebody else just busted my other mirror and now I’m using only my rearview mirror to carefully, carefully change lanes.

When I parked I gave my keys to the Valet and now I can see him trying to move the car to a different spot and he’s making a face.

If he and I were stuck on a lonely road and someone shot at our mirrors, who do you think would have a better chance of surviving that?

I rock parallel parking with my mirror handicap. These are the sort of skills you can never learn in a Porsche or Bentley, so there.

You see the dents and scratches and the banged-up bruised body of my old car, but I see a tough old veteran with a tough woman of considerable skill behind its wheel.

Like I said. My car mirrors are busted. I am awesome.

Faigie Carmel

Faigie Carmel used to write short stories for teens, published a couple, then took a long hiatus from publishing. She currently has a husband, kids and a job, and a lot of papers fluttering around with half-baked ideas and great paragraphs and dialogue that never got fleshed out into a completed piece. Now she is dipping her toes back in and submitting her writing. One day she will publish a novel that will win many awards and become a raging bestseller. When she gets around to it.

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