Dance With Me

Dance With Me


You led me here - into this proverbial entrapment of anguish, disguised by love, I've never been so high and then so low. You are the syntax, the predicate of my being. I dance to every string you pull, engulfed by your need to possess every part of my soul. Your love a riptide and I'm drowning...

But before I close my eyes for the final time, there you are, braving the very waves you created, pulling me from the depths of your own idée fixe.

I've died every day and even, so I've lived, empowered by the art of your distinguished love, you do not see, that you hold the very beating of my plagued heart! No, your perpetual distrust, so preconceived, demands more than I can give, how incredulous you are to disregard my devotion! My benevolence becomes tainted by the punishment, of the words I know you didn't mean... I utter not a word, I dare to speak above the obsession your mind has with me.

Denial consumes you, I see it, the utter disbelief, that you hold true love! The retaliation in your tone when you feel it may be threatened! The eruption of emotion that engulfs your every sense, sending your mind into a rage that emanates outward...inflicting only that which you love most!

With that, the graphical representation of my heart, falls flat once more - the polaroids of good, flashing before me and while I'd rather stay here, seeing your smile. I hear you, yelling for me to come back; I do, and we dance once more, to the tune, of unspoken incompatibility.


Lorna Malan


Lorna is a 27-year-old female from a small town on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast of South Africa, I have two beautiful children that often give me inspiration to write. While I work an ordinary day job, I write in between, with it being my passion for over 14 years now. I write creative pieces for my Facebook blog and I am busy working on completing my first book. I am made up of only literature and I think life is beautiful that way. This is her first published work.

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