When Wasps Return

 When Wasps Return


First, the argument --

"They're not bees,

bees produce more sense.

These are hoods of bright rage."

Well, in rejoinder, that was

last July.

Then: "They're coming back,

I saw them, dancing along the

driver's side window."

Well they even fell from the envelope,

swept upright, and went about

their cloud of hurt, war, weapon,

a purpose in their gleam.

So was written in the letter,

a letter of loneliness,

but warning.

So many vows break

in this season.

So many words

dart in and out of wounds.


Meg Smith


Meg Smith is a poet, journalist, dancer and events producer living in Lowell, Mass. Her poetry has appeared or has been accepted to The Cafe Review, Star*Line, Illumen, Pudding, Dreams & Nightmares, and more. 

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