Ink Based Self-Love

Ink Based Self-Love



Teeth as bright as stars,

She inflames another cigarette.

Puffing in and out,

She hopes to get better.


Voice crackles as she chirps,

Something soft as vinyl.

Dressed in white cotton,

A coffee stained material.


Tattooed along her fragile collar bone,

Prompting the idea of self-love, where there is none.

A strawberry scent corrupts her heart,

Warning, may cause heartbreak.


A goddess cursed by Loneliness,

Everything seems much colder.

The town is empty,

And so is her mind.


A broken car,

With a DIY radio.

She tears through the streets.

And although her actions, may get confusing,

All we can do is hope she gets better.



Ryan Gilchrist

I live in a small community within the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy visual art including painting and photography, along with writing and reading. I also enjoy spending my time amongst different settings, such as forest, or cities. Analyzing small details that could spark up some inspiration

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