A Filthy Fairytale

A Filthy Fairytale

The regurgitating bass precedes your arrival,
a wedding march for the disenchanted;
vibrating through the smeared windows,
echoing in these dank dirty streets.

Your red rusted micra, a pumpkin carriage,
taking us away to seedy alleys
so that our bestial tryst can continue,
beautiful in its malevolence.

The windscreen crackles with frost,
a glass coffin encasing us.
There is no true love's kiss, no beauty in this.


Kirsty A Niven

Kirsty A. Niven is from Dundee, Scotland. Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications, including  The Machinery, The Dawntreader, Dundee Writes and Laldy!


  1. Only the best writers can get away with what you just did. This might be the most impressive poem I have read in this journal.

    Fayid Khan

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