The Creative

The Creative



process explodes, evoking awe

and rapt attention from those in orbit

drifting, too distant to be felled by the

magnitude of the unfiltered event.

Affected nonetheless.


At its core, continuous consumption,

its mass seething, elements erupting,

eroding even as its output

collides with recipients supervenient,

altered, if not converted.


Some observers, basking

in agreement, or bristling

in confrontation, ponder meanings,

weighing them out in zeptograms,

parsing them to inconsequence.


Sometimes, an atom of truth and

a tenet of ignorance collide,

obliterating a yoke of oppression,

energy released into ACTG chains,

altering the outcomes,


coming home. Life, but a new form,

exposing myths, annihilating ignorance,

evolving inexorably toward chaos,

exploding again, lighting up the next generation,

millions of millennia from now.

Francis Hicks

The author writes poetry and short fiction which give him great pleasure and on occasion insight into how things really are. His poetry and short fiction have won awards. His poetry is included in the anthology The Way The Light Slants. He is a member of The Writer's League of Texas and The San Antonio Writer's Guild.

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