Enlightened Path

 Enlightened Path


To see the break of mornings light

In vision now renewed,

So often took for granted…

Those vibrant golden hues.

The road that lies before me

Seems brighter on this day…

As burdens shed in prior night,

On knees… I bowed and prayed.

I walk this morn… with purpose,

Newest beauty now abounds…

As melancholy holds my soul,

In wonders I have found.

I have walked this path,

For many years…

A blind, and wretched fool…

Never giving… always taking,

In life, I was so cruel.

Antony King                                       


Antony King is a writer/ poet from Eastern Kentucky. Antony spent his formal years in Cleveland Ohio where he underwent private instruction in The Arts, Music, and Literature. His love of the classics guided him to poetry and fueled his passion for writing. After art school, Antony spent 22 years in the world of advertising, and design. He began honing his skills both as a writer, and an artist. Antony has been fortunate to have his works published in several publications.

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