Learned Behaviour

Learned Behaviour


Blackbirds are most commonly the ones

heard beneath the lower skirts of tree limbs,

unpicking the riddle of last year’s leaves

with a sound like the hurried, clandestine

turning of tiny pages; while robins materialise

from apparent nowheres whenever a spade

breaks open the brown lens of the earth.

This I had to discover by sitting, being,

quietly, in the ill-fitting clothes of my own life.

Along with how to operate the confusing tools

of language. And how to recognise love

in all weathers, and all things that imitate it.

Because what did I ever learn from you?

Just that set of barbed-wire rules we inherited from

someone else, handed down without ceremony.

And how to behave whenever their back is turned.
Robert Ford
Robert Ford's poetry has appeared in both print and online publications in the UK, US and elsewhere, including The Interpreter's HouseDime Show ReviewButcher's Dog and San Pedro River Review. More of his work can be found at https://wezzlehead.wordpress.com/

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