The Divine Sign

 The Divine Sign


Windshield memories, windshield shattered,

Death at the next sharp curve.

Looking through the glass, every other minute.

The foot sole presses the pedal, the tires press the asphalt.


Looking again and again, if a distracted driver gets distracted

Loses it. Manslaughter.

Then a divine sign, plaza toll a mile away.

Loosen up the muscles, relax the trapezius, and deep breathe.


Takes the world from the back, the mastodon.

A truck tire.

Home is on the horizon.


Cristina Bresser de Campos


Cristina Bresser de Campos, graduated by Universidade Federal do Parana in Graphic Design. She has two published books, both in Portuguese: Torre de Papel (Paper Tower) in 2015 - short stories anthology with other authors. “Quase tudo é risível” (Almost Everything is Laughable) a novel, Nov 2016. Also in 2016 received a prize from Centro de Letras da Universidade Federal de Fortaleza for the short story Capitolium.

In 2017, three honorable mentions in Brazilian’s short stories contests: Prêmio Literário da AMULMIG de Prosa e Poesia 2017 by Academia de Letras de Minas Gerais, IV Concurso Cultural de Microcontos by Biblioteca Municipal e Araraquara, II Concurso ALAP "Paranavaí Literária". She has short stories and literary chronicles in some Brazilian literary journals such as: Revista Philos, JornalRelevO, Revista Escriva, revista gueto, mallamargens, Plástico Bolha, Revista EMA, Revista LiteraLivre, Trema Comunidade Literária, Jornal Leôncio.

She studied Creative Writing at University of Edinburgh in 2016. She has some short stories and poems published in English by American, British, Greek and Indian literary magazines. In 2017:Northern Light, 121 Words, Ariel Chart, Wanton Fuckery Poetry, A New Ulster, The Silver Streams, Bashabandhan Literary Review, The University of Edinburgh Journal, Flight Writing, The Runt Zine, Red Queen Literary Magazine, Star 82 Review, Dodging the Rain, Quail Bell Magazine. In 2018, Former Cactus Lit., Flucky Fiction (a short story and a poem in this printed anthology), Wildflower Muse, Nous, Thrice Magazine, Déraciné.

Photograph published by literary magazines: Escapism, Dodging the Rain, *82 Review, The Free Library-Internet Void, 805 Literary Magazine.

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