The Flowers

 The Flowers


What I told you about the flowers 

no one probably tell you.

Is it not about their fragrance

and how amazing they 

share their life with you.

They hang around your 

garden and patiently wait on you 

with their perfume of love. 

To make you happy with the 

fragrance of their healing presence, 

they share their fragrance 

and working tirelessly in gladness 

they delicately touch your life with grace. 

They lay down at our feet always 

ready to bring pleasure to our leisure. 

To please you they share lavishly.
They bring pleasure back into our 

homes by spreading their fragrance.

Even when bruised they give out their 

best fragrance out of love to soothe 

and bring succour to our tired mind. 

They also help decorate our world 

with their beautiful flowers
to make our lives lovely. 

How can we not appreciate their presence 

in our homes, garden and environment. 

They are divinely precious beautiful treasure

with an alluring power to help us heal. 

Little beautiful gifts from heaven with such an unforgettable sublime and divine fragrance.
Spreading their love they reach out to us even from miles away adorning our weddings and
other events with their fragrance and presence and speaking to us in the 

language only the heart can understand. 

Nature gave us fragrance in flowers 

so lovely and endearing that 

no one can resist their friendship. 

To walk with them is unbelievably sweet. 

Emeka Mokeme


Emeka Mokeme is a Naturopathic Physician, Author of A Guide to Health(Natural Medicine), Whisperings from within - a collection of poems, poetry therapist, crisis counselor, human rights activist. 

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