Watering the Tree of Reason with the Blood of Poets

Watering the Tree of Reason with the

Blood of Poets (or, How’s this for

First Thought / Best Thought Pt.3?)


With wings I stitched together from silk pillowcases,

sheets and lady’s lacey underthings (pinched, admittedly,

from a country clothes-line or three), I sit here, once

again, waiting (in the wings) for the wind to draw a big

breath up, up, up from its deepest, most sub-subterran-

ean wells and bellows (down, down, down where the only

light to speak of emits from phosphorescent gems and

jewels, which, we can, of course, remote view with the

invisible and buoyant looking-glass of the poem) and

blow, man, blow and then O-U-W-T OUWT! I go into

The Big Wide Open, out into The Big Who Knows, out

into The Big  Nowhere / Everywhere  / Anywhere / Where-

ever / Whatever, I’m gone, gone, gone ... And should

these wings of my maiden flight (from the maddening

plight of constant and futile border-warring and inner-

skirmishes of attrition), instead, fail and this Hefty Bag of

bones and meat I call my body, my me, my very being,

flail and drop like a load-stone, Wile E. Coyote style,

would it really be so bad if the blood (if not just the sweat,

piss  and tears) of this on-again / off-again ex-patriot /

armchair  philosopher / one-note poetaster watered, one

last time, the roots of the tree of reason?


Jason Ryberg


Jason Ryberg is the author of twelve books of poetry,

six screenplays, a few short stories, a box full of folders,
notebooks and scraps of paper that could one day be
(loosely) construed as a novel, and, a couple of angry
letters to various magazine and newspaper editors.
He is currently an artist-in-residence at both 

The Prospero Institute of Disquieted P/o/e/t/i/c/s 

and the Osage Arts Community, and is an editor 

and designer at Spartan Books. His latest collections of poems 

are Zeus-X-Mechanica (Spartan Press, 2017) 

and A Secret History of the Nighttime World (39 West Press, 2017). 

He lives part-time in Kansas City with a rooster named Little Red 

and a billygoat named Giuseppe and part-time somewhere 

in the Ozarks, near the Gasconade River, where there are also 

many strange and wonderful woodland critters. 

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