we have a war freezing in these silences
the fire under the ice has yet to surface

words float from the lips of a cactus –
soured dreams of a quietened desert –

sitting around  a lake
that met the snow
and gave it a home

this is the way our love shall be
reflectionism of magic mirrors

let your lips be like the water-
bearing thorns of a rose

I will renounce and follow

bring up your windowless forts
around my gardens of grassless fields

these ceilings are weak
under the floors
of your dragging solitude.

Sheikha A.


Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. Her work appears in a variety of literary venues, most recent Pedestal Magazine, Abyss and Apex, Mobius, Fourth and Sycamore, The Metaworker and elsewhere. More about her can be found at sheikha82.wordpress.com


  1. The juxtaposition of contrasting elements--fire and ice, floating words and soured dreams, snow and lake--creates emotional complexity. I enjoyed the surprising imagery.

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