She is found of deep character.

Surface wounds only made her

moulded of strength within.

She transformed through the storms

and was found of magnificent design

when the world marveled at her now,

while she knew herself long ago.

Yes, she is beauty,

appealing in every way,

exquisitely alluring,

but never appraise her less

what lies within.

She is a woman fashioned

by the fullness of her soul,

the jewel of pressure endured

to be desired and embraced

for who she is from within

and who she will always be.



Robert Stallings

My name is Robert Stallings. I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky and have been writing since I was young. Being raised on a farm in Virginia, I discovered the wonder of inspiration found as I spent my childhood in the forest, playing along the streams, and looking up into the night sky. The last three years I found my most earnest desire in writing of romance and love and the passion that exists in the touches of love and heart.

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