Writing On the Page


Writing On the Page


I write my compressed lines that buzz with imagery and suggested themes. The sentences curl up like flags, rolling after my hand. In the story I create, the monologues and reflections come patched in rounded blots of ink.

Soon, my pen shreds and tears the paper as I write; the page beneath it shows covered in past writing. As I develop my scene, my pen rips pieces from the under-page; the free, little bits mix with the words I am writing until there is no telling them apart. The next phrases I scribble tear from the page and scatter. In fun, I sweep the fragments of text so that they spin. The gaps and tears made by my work leave a shape of broken edges on the sheet before me. I stop writing and lift the page toward the lamp by my table. Carefully, I read the words as light pours through the torn paper like a long hoped for radiance.

Norbert Kovacs


Norbert Kovacs lives and writes in Hartford, Connecticut. His stories have appeared or soon will appear in Thrice Fiction, Westview, Gravel, STORGY, and Ginosko Literary Journal. Norbert's website is www.norbertkovacs.net.

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