Case Study

Case Study




Mirabella takes care not to step on the cracks when she walks down the sidewalk. The MARMOTS are abundant along the river side of MacArthur Island, in Kamloops ... and they're not too shy! Walking quietly and carefully with one's heels raised and one's weight on the balls of the feet, is the least one should do.


Mirabella carefully avoids discussing difficult or sensitive subjects. ELEPHANTS have good hearing, detecting sounds as low as 14 to 16 hz (human low range: 20 hz) and as high as 12,000 hz (human high range: 20,000 hz). Whispering a message through ‘broken telephone’ is the polite thing to do


Mirabella does not turn on the lights in her apartment at night. ANTS are social insects, so when one ant enters your home, others follow. Mirabella hears the footsteps of armies marching. She buys plush carpet. 


Mirabella likes to wear high-contrast and bright coloured clothing. The bat-faced TOAD found among the leaves of Amacayacu National Park in Colombia is masterful at blending into its surroundings. Mirabella has a playful side and is not trying to make life difficult.


People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.

Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.
Karen Schauber


Karen Schauber is a seasoned Family Therapist practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Her earlier writing is non-fiction and details three decades of psychosocial and analytical cases.  Flash Fiction is a new and welcome adventure for her.  Fictional short stories are much more fun to read and write!

As an emerging artist, Karen hones her craft at home and at the dog beach on the west coast (when it’s not pouring out). The upcoming Group of Seven Flash Fiction Anthology is her first editorial/curatorial flash venture - Karen’s flash fiction can be read at Rebel Shorts, SpillWords, AdHoc Fiction, Down in the Dirt, Blood Puddles, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, and forthcoming at Yellow Mama, and Brilliant Flash Fiction.

She can be reached directly at:


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