The Faery Prince

The Faery Prince

Once upon a time, I filled your heart with mystery and dread.

Once upon a time, you walked in silence lest your laughter raised my weary head.

Once your maidens dreamed of me and yielded to my charms.

Beauties who had scorned the touch of Man, now lie forever in my loving arms.

Your big strong men would cower in their beds when Lady Moon glowed blood red in the sky.

I blew my horn and they would shudder as the hounds awoke and gave their mournful cry.

The hunt was on, and woe betides the labourer who tarried - working in the fields too long.

For only those with speedy limbs and stout, strong hearts would last until the dawn.

Over hills and streams and through the brambles, we would chase our prey.

Many lost their wits and forfeited their souls before the break of day.

Now they fetch and carry for our many guests who spend their time in play.

And there is none who dares to free them ‘til the Judgement Day.

But those who come to us in love and sympathy will find us, loyal friends, indeed.

There are no allies greater than the mighty Fae when comes a time of need.

Those who treat our woodlands with respect and care will feel our tender kiss upon their brow.

Those who open up their minds will find that paradise is waiting for them now.

When the worries of your weary world become a burden much too great to bear,

Take your troubles to the tallest tree that you can find, and you will find us there.

In an instant, we can take you to that place where Lady Moon shines down with love and joyous light.

That blessed place where Summer lasts forever, far beyond the darkest night.

Patrick W Kavanagh

Patrick W Kavanagh is a writer/poet who has published several books on Amazon, including ‘Finding your own way’, ‘Kiara’ and ‘The King of the Faeries’ Born in Dublin, Ireland, he moved to the UK and now lives in Lincolnshire. Spirituality has always been an important part of his life and around 2012 he began to write inspirational poetry which he still shares on social media. Patrick believes that the source of much of his writings come from Spirit and that he is simply a transcriber in many ways. His favourite actor is Clint Eastwood and his favourite film is ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’. One of his greatest influences is the singer/songwriter, Leonard Cohen. Patrick and his wife Tina, run Shamanic drumming workshops at various venues in the Lincolnshire area.

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