Hurting Trust

Hurting Trust



This morning I woke up –

not to a sunny day,

or to crisp, fresh air,

or to the irresistible aroma

of breakfast

with fresh coffee

or to the silence

that usually dwells

in moments between

sleep and take-a-step-into-the-world.


This morning I woke up

to the image of my broken self

staring at me from the mirror

I so wished to break.


But I didn't.


“Seven years of misfortune

you brought to me,“ he said

“when you reflected the image

of my heart in your eyes.

That much trust hurt me,“

he said,


the essence of my faith

in love.


Seadeta Osmani


Seadeta Osmani -  Poet, Translator, Creative writer, Dancer
Living and working in Zagreb, Croatia, writing poetry in both Croatian and English.
One book of poetry self-published. Poems included in several collections of poetry in Croatia.
In 2018, included in the top 40 poets of the Balkans region, within the Mili Dueli poetry contest. Recently included in the team of writers for the Cultura Colectiva media company.

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