Our bodies are threads


Unraveling within hours


Getting caught on the thorns of our preoccupied wilderness.


And loosening as we walk away from that which doesn't serve us


We gain the knowledge of how to live as we fray


We learn how to survive as skeletons


We thin and grow stronger


And those thorns


Those hooks attach to our spirit


Taking us with them


Packing this thread of ourselves in an overpriced suitcase.


The strand, a breadcrumb reminding them of a now that has passed.


And as those thorns stand hard in the wind


The threads of our being can be seen


Caught firmly on a barb of the past


Blowing in the breeze of time


Some long, some short. All us

Cory Decker

Cory Decker is a lover of books and trees.  He lives in Newfoundland Canada with his wife and two children. 

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