OCD 2.1

OCD 2.1

I was born
a broken fence
an animal farm
where the dogs aren’t sleeping
and I cannot lie;
I’ve been the hilt
the truth that kissed me
(I never could contain you)

but as we hugged
all the wolves ran by
and none of them noticed me
I was invisible
white flicker between rain
safe in the moment
until the alarm goes off
and the world falls off its hinges
I look out my window
forget about judgement
tinted lenses and smearing eyes
my greatest fear is that
no one is watching

Henna Johansdotter

My name is Henna Johansdotter and I'm an up-and-coming author of fiction and poetry living in Finland. I like to explore the taboo, the obscene, and the blissful pain of living a human life. I also enjoy surrealism, horror and science fiction. More of my works can be found at https://hjdpoetry.wordpress.com/

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