Ode To A Walnut

Ode To A Walnut

Here, among cans of tomato sauce,

sitting, with the coffee grinds

against that tall

box of pasta taken

out often.

Trying to scream,

no one hearing.

Every morning your unpolished copper

awakens to find the coffee is

what matters.

Not you.

Your metallic coating,

taste of broken parchment.

You, the nut that can make

a dish.


the broken matter that lightens

a dessert.

I know you,


Iris Santalucia

Iris Santalucia, a freshman at Laguardia High School for the Performing Arts, received first place in the poetry division for the New York Public Library's Teen Writing Contest. She is also the recipient of a Gold Key medal in the drama division and a Silver Key in the poetry division from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. Her play, "Speaking" was one of five winners selected and produced by the Children's Theater in New York City. She is currently a literary intern at the Metropolitan Playhouse.

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