Rouge, Rust and Rotund

Rouge, Rust and Rotund

In recent days past I’ve encountered fake editors who didn’t know grammar from grandma but still proceeded to fleece naive writers of their fortunes. Some of these incidents are the responsibility of reckless writers who treat writing as a convenience store able to dispense any mindless product their protruding tummies demand.

But in all too many instances we are dealing with meth induced half humans cobbling together rags of bad poetry to sell for a gram of smack. Sobriety is indeed alien to some of these walking trash bins. It soils my soul that no talent lards of larceny patrol the Net seeking their next victim. Yet the marks are easy paydays who do not mind trading their integrity to see a piss poor poem pasted to a publication better lining a pet shop bird cage.

Like a beaten and abandoned mutt these sorry excuses of pretend editors must be run out of town like a stomach bug. I do concede it’s necessary to squeeze them out of your disrupted system the way an obese man jumps on a church mustard bottle. A small price to pay to rid yourself of crack destroyed minds who have no business near literary people.

Rise up finally, all ye disappointing fence sitters and do the right thing. Don’t let your project hold you hostage to harmful hash huggers willing to smoke your blind loyalty like the next blunt at a Willie Nelson concert. Stay at your own peril because you then have no right to complain when harassed or spat on by this rusty rambling trash. Unless that is the price of vomiting on your gender or culture: publish my book and I’ll look the other way. How convenient!

Potty mouth pot smoking degenerates cannot stay in power long without your support. Run while you can. Run and take back your work. Take back your name too. Until then your name is noted. Your work suspect. And the REAL EDITORS will practice real social justice----on you!

Mark Antony Rossi

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of fifteen titles. He is the Editor in Chief of Ariel Chart and the Host of the Podcast “Strength To Be Human.”


  1. I applaud your ethical stand against crooked editors who peddle dog poop anthologies and then harass people who don’t buy or criticize them. I found the alien editor who cursed out your wife, whom I know has nothing to do with situation, to be both beneath literature but beneath humanity. This is the toll that drugs take on weak minds. The man needs rehab. I urge everyone to stay away from these foaming in the mouth no talent thieves. Jimmy Staten

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