sacred pulse

sacred pulse

the music of muses

moves as one blurred song,

remnants of grief,

sounding all the dissonant parts--

a sacred pulse,

ravaging hearts too soon.

poetry, instead,

silences the swoon upon arrival,

stretches the terrible beauty of rage-returned,

prolongs the noiseless echoes

to better shatter

the skin of the inborn universe.


Eliana Vanessa

Eliana Vanessa is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana at a young age.  Her poems have been selected for display via a community project called St Tammany Poetry on the Streets, and she recently participated in the Jane Austen Festival (2017,2018, 2019, upcoming) as part of a panel of other selected poets.  Eliana Vanessa’s work appears in Siren’s Call, The Horrorzine, The Rye Whiskey Review, The Ramingo’s Porch, Fearless Magazine, and the anthology, Masks Still Aren’t Enough.

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