Weekend Visit

Weekend Visit

The clogged toilet, the ever-damp towels,

some sounds we’ve grown used to not hearing.

The TV on long after we've gone up to bed,

gobbled-up WiFi and cereal.

Our children have come for a weekend visit,

bringing laundry, some news, and a few new jokes

    from college.

Pictures of places we've never seen and friends

    we'll never meet,

plans of how to spend time while they're here, a few

    golden rare hours

we get to spend with them.

Grown in ways we could not anticipate with goals all their own.

Futures we hope to see and share, but no guarantees are here,

only the laundry, the chatter, the bowls with milk still,

    and some bread crumbs.

“Bye bye. See you next time.”

Bye bye.

Bye bye.

 Michael A. Griffith

Michael A. Griffith’s chapbooks Bloodline (The Blue Nib Imprint) and Exposed (Soma Publishing and Hidden Constellation Press) were released in fall 2018. He was nominated for the Pushcart Prize for poetry in October 2018 for his poem “Bloodline,” which first appeared on Ariel Chart. He lives near Princeton, NJ and teaches at Raritan Valley Community College. He is Poetry Editor (US/Canada) for The Blue Nib. 



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