After the Rain

After the Rain

Today I walked on water
down the cracked concrete sidewalk.
My bare feet splashed and kicked
the warm summer stream
born of the sudden afternoon storm
that came as no surprise.
So faithful is it to its eternal vow
to always, always wash the world,
its raging rain never fails
to cleanse a path
for its innocent travelers –
we who walk the world alone.


Cynthia Pitman

I am a retired high school English teacher. I began writing again this past summer after a 30-year hiatus. I have recently had poetry published in Vita BrevisPostcard Poems and ProseRight Hand PointingEkphrastic ReviewLiterary Yard, Amethyst ReviewAdelaide Literary Magazine, Three Line Poetry, Leaves of Ink, Third Wednesday, and Mused. I have had fiction published in Red Fez, Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art and Dual Coast Magazine. My first poetry collection, The White Room, is forthcoming from Kelsay Books.

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