Frozen Melt

Frozen Melt

Did the darkness freeze you?

I can still see your hands move,

One stretching over your head

The other stretching downward

The darkness liberated you

My mouth smiles

A laughing lick

A sign and a ponder

As again you sweep my heart

And awaken my wishes

You touch me all over

as I watch you touch



For now

I have been quiet for a while

My thought of you, however,

remain loud and boisterous

You have long been

Deep inside me

And now can never leave

It is how I like it to be

How I have always wanted it to be

Now the darkness freezes me

Until you look at me and say join me

Tom Squitieri

Tom Squitieri is a three-time winner each of the Overseas Press Club and White House Correspondents’ Association awards for his work as a war correspondent. He reported from all seven continents, always writing as a voice for the voiceless. His writing and reporting have been published in an array of newspapers and magazines. Tom has taken his love of storytelling to poetry. His poetry has appeared in The Raven’s Perch, No Strings Attached, Style Sonata and The Griffin’s Inkpot.

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