High Tide


High Tide

Burdens compound,

threatening to overwhelm,

with the changing of the tide.

Pressure builds,

dragging you under.

                                                  Without solution or compromise,           

words garbled and lost,

you begin to sink…

each one you try to utter a bubble burst.

Echoing in your mind… as distant thunder.

A storm rages above,

covering the world in darkness,

you consider giving in.

Yet you struggle and push against the waves,

only getting beat back in their relentless fury.

From inside, a fire comes alive,

with each labored breath,

the  spark of determination.

A final effort out of  desperation,

And  break through...

Renee Danielle Burreson

Renee Danielle Burreson is a poet, blogger, and fiction writer. She has had poems published under her maiden name by Creative Communications Inc. in 2001 and 2003.
Renee also has a couple poems published on Ariel Chart Monthly Journal.

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