Sonnet About Ovid Written on a Quiet Day

Sonnet About Ovid Written on a Quiet Day

My own wanting to do all these things

is my talent in the art of love:

only the art is taught

but not the talent.

So the electronic language-turning mechanisms

being programmed to improve themselves by work

will never translate anything because they want to

but the wanting is the basic matter of all art.

Mixed as it might be with the stuff of speech,

with sounds or clays or colors,

anything you like and as you like it

to make the basic matter of any given art

as taken in particular,

as apart from all the other arts.

Ilya Gutner

Ilya Gutner was born in the Soviet Union in Moscow and grew up in New York. Was for a time a PhD student in Slavic Studies at Brown but that soon ceased to be an option. Studies philosophy now in Shanghai, China. Google services make not of one small set of things published with the Ottoman Estate under a collective title, Poem about how to live; something quite childish for Boston University's Clarion magazine; and a long silence gathering up  things to say since then.

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